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3am Questions

A Three-Year Journal

This Journal contains 365  questions that dig deep: one for each day of the year, intended to be revisited multiple times over the course of three years. You’ll almost certainly answer a given question differently from year to year, which is how the journal helps you track your personal development once it’s all filled out. 

My Books

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3am Questions

A minimalistic poetry book with 333 questions about identity, love, life, sadness and success - the perfect prompts for your late night thoughts and deep conversations.

3am Questions - Journal

A journal to write in. 365 questions that dig deep, intended to be revisited multiple times over the course of three years to track your personal developement.

The Fire Inside of Us

A collection of poems about loving, holding on, aching and healing - the different facets of heartbreak, finding yourself again and rekindling the fire within you.

"When you close your eyes, do you see darkness or do you paint pictures?”

- 3am Questions


Annika Zimmermann

I'm Annika Zimmermann, the author behind "3am Questions" and "The Fire Inside of Us." I believe in the transformative power of words, seeking to inspire readers with my poetry and self-reflection books. With my work, I hope to inspire others to challenge their own reality and find new ways to look at things. Currently, I'm immersed in crafting my debut novel. In the meantime, please explore and enjoy your visit.

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