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​I was born in Munich, Germany and I started writing expressing myself creatively from as early on as primary school. Throughout my school days, I was often labeled a "dreamer" by my teachers. Perhaps it was because I dedicated the majority of their class hours immersed in my thoughts over a piece of paper. However, it didn't bear formulas or facts as they might have preferred.
My paper served as a playground where comics, poems, plays, and novels came to life; Stories that transcended the limits of the classroom, often venturing into realms beyond this world. Where my fascination took root. It's regrettable that "Dreaming" was never recognized as a formal school subject.


Great stories serve as a means to fully immerse oneself in other lives, worlds, and experiences, challenging one's own reality. Things that seem one way to me, appear another to someone else. The idea of us shaping each other’s perspectives and creating new ways to look at the world together is something that I feel should be brought up more in conversation and thought. My writing is my way of trying to entice others to attempt a new way of looking at things and challenge their own preconceptions.

With my work, I hope to inspire others to challenge their own reality and find new ways to look at things.


Annika Zimmermann


April 2023

November 2022

September 2022

April 2021

Release of my German gift book "Dieses Buch ist dein Freund"

Release of my poetry book "The Fire Inside Of Us"

Release of my first poetry book "3am Questions"

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