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“The Fire Inside of Us” is a collection of poems divided into 5 chapters which chronologically represent the different stages of interpersonal and internal relationships. These poems are about holding on to relationships and losing yourself in the process. They are about the different facets of heartbreak, finding yourself again and rekindling the fire within you. For only when the fire burns within us, can we ignite the flames in others.


My first book "3am Questions" is filled with 333 thoughtful questions about identity, relationships, sadness, life and success. These questions are your guide to amazing conversations, seeing things from a new perspective and getting to know yourself a little bit better. This book can be a helping hand when making important decisions and will let you see your reality with a fresh point of view.

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3 AM QUESTIONS - A Three-Year Journal

"3am Questions Journal" contains 365  questions that dig deep: one for each day of the year, intended to be revisited multiple times over the course of three years. You’ll almost certainly answer a given question differently from year to year, which is how the journal helps you track your personal development once it’s all filled out. 


Embark on a journey of self-discovery with this German journal and gift-book. This creatively crafted book is your versatile companion, catering to every need, whether seeking solace in good times or finding encouragement in challenging moments. This book is your pocket-sized friend, ready to accompany you anywhere ensuring you're never alone.

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